Filling: Sponge and natural feather
The natural feather is supplied by a supplier of bedding and down clothes manufacturers, from which many world famous down clothes manufaturer purchase feather. With advanced facilities and process, it supplies State Inspection Exemption Products, which are distributed to all over the world.

Sponges used by LIVAX sofa are all supplied by world famous sponge suppliers, accord with international environmentally standard. High resilience sponges used in cushion and seat back are above 40 and 30 in desity and specific gravity. According to the pressure in each part of the body, sponges of different specific gravity are sythesized and tested by professionals to ensure the best comfortableness.

We not only focus on a graceful and luxury apperance but pay more attention to the content. The wood used for frameworks are all hard wood of Southeast Asia or hard larch of North American. After several processing steps including first sortihg, selection, cutting, drying, insects protection treatment nd antiseptic treatment, its moisture content meets the international standard and the service life is above ten years. As some special shape can not be achieved with wood, we also use steel structure, which also extends the service life.